Photovoltaic Glass


Photovoltaic modules in safety and security glass – BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) are similar to laminated glass typically used in architecture for facades, roofs and other glass' structures that normally are applied in construction. The single glass before being coupled can be tempered, hardened and treated HST. Sizes and thickness are determined at the design stage according to the practices used for glass in architecture.
Photovoltaic glass made by EnergyGlass replaces the construction’s element without nothing else but frames of containment appropriate to the size of the glass and the substructure. There are a wide range of frames that meet the various needs of the customer and they are commonly mounted by the frame-makers.

The PV glass are custom modules and are realized so that architects can establish at the planning stage: measures, thickness, power, transparency, screen printing, thermal/acoustic insulation and colors (RAL 1027, RAL 6009, RAL 6005, RAL 8015, RAL 9017, RAL 4007, RAL 6010, RAL 3011, RAL 3013, RAL 5007, 9002, RAL 1014). Also, thanks to the presence of cells that gives the glass a shade property, the radiation inside the building is reduced.
The opportunity to define at the design stage the distance between cells permit to define the degree of transparency, shading and UV filter of the modules.
Likewise, is it also possible to vary the power in relation to the density of cells per square meter.

Another element that you can decide at the design stage is the color. There is a wide range of colors of PVB color or colored glass.

The PV glass can also be typed in double glazing for thermal insulation and can be laminated with PVB sound for sound insulation



The PV modules in safety and security glass, designed and produced by EnergyGlass™ are the ideal solution for architectonical  integration needs when glass becomes a building element, hardly reducing the aesthetical and functional compromises needs.

Customisation  in the way of measures, power, transparency, and colours, allows an element harmonious continuity in the awareness of preserving safety.

For this reason it is applicable in all the situations where it is possible to use glass in buildings such as:

  • Facade
  • Roofing glass
  • Railings and Balconies
  • Canopies and shading
  • Greenhouses
  • Acoustic barriers

Functional Profile

  • Buildings Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)
     - Custom-made / customized
     - Laminated safety and security glass
  • Transparency customizable and variable power in relation to the density of PV cells per square meter
     - Day-Lighting function
     - Variation of the distance between the PV cells
  • Shadow and UV rays filter
  • Optional functions:
     - Thermal Insulation: Insulating glass
     - Acoustic Insulation: PVB Sound
     - Serigraphy or PVB color


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