Photovoltaic Balcony

  • The PHOTOVOLTAIC BALCONY design solution allows you to actively use balconies to generate energy.
  • It is made with EnergyGlass photovoltaic glass, which can be classified as Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).
  • We use IEC EN 61215 and IEC EN 61730 certified laminated safety glass with PVB SOLAR™
  • Thanks to the double-sided cells, the ALL-GLASS PHOTOVOLTAIC BALCONY can capture both incident light on the front and on the back of the cell up to +25W.
  • We can customise products based on a specific project.



Types available

Ninfa PV

parapetto ninfa fotovoltaico

Maior One PV

parapetto fotovoltaico maior one

Photovoltaic Fence

recinzione fotovoltaica

Photovoltaic shelter


pensilina fotovoltaica

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