Photovoltaic Tile


Photovoltaic Tile

Thanks to their elegant appearance, the absence of an aluminium frameand their sturdiness, Photovoltaic Tiles are designed for architectural integration (BIPV), replacing or integrating traditional roofs.

The double laminated safety glass makes it possible to walk on Photovoltaic Tiles, which form an indestructible roof.

Slides, brackets and drains integrate on the back, make the Tiles easy and quick to install,with the guarantee of being watertight .

The colour of the rear glass can be customise daccording to the project. Tiles are the best choicefor a photovoltaic roof without no compromise between aesthetics and functionality.

Ceramic Passive Elements are available on request to guarantee the completion of the pitches, aesthetic continuity and perfect architectural integration.


Possible applications:

  • Residential roofing
  • Industrial roofing

Technical Documentation

It is possible to download the technical sheet of the Photovoltaic Tile the following link:

Functional Profile

Photovoltaic element constructed on building materials

  • Dimensions optimized with re-spect on the needs of construction
  • Available in various colors
  • Integrated mounting system with function of tile
  • Possibility of passive elements to complete the building envelo-pe evenly
  • Its application in coverage gua-rantees the same level of water resistance of a classical discon-tinuous coverage.

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