Norms and certification

The PV modules laminated with PVB Solar comply with construction standards for Structural Safety Glass. Norm UNI 7697:

  • UNI EN ISO 12543 1-6: Glass in building – Laminated glass and laminated safety glass
  • UNI EN 12600: Glass in building – Pendulum test – Impact test method and classification of flat glass
  • UNI EN 356: Glass in building – Security glazing – Testing and classification of resistance against manual attack

Legislative References:

  • Legislative Decree No. 115 of 1995 (implemented by the European Directive 1992/59/CE) and the subsequent Legislative Decree No. 172 of 2004 (imple-mented by the European Directive 2001/95/EC) which are related to safety of products and therefore have value compulsory legal.
  • Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 # 206, Code of consumption in accor-dance with Article 7 of the Law of 29 July 2003 N ° 229

EnergyGlass glass/glass PV module has been certified in frameless form in order to be applied in all the way the glass is applied in buildings without loosing the certifications acquired:

  • CEI EN  61215: crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic modules
  • CEI EN  61730: Photovoltaic module safety qualification.

Factory Inspection Attestation


Class of reaction to fire I

Disposal and recycling at end-of-life of modules: consortium adherence

General Warranty

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