Structural Test

PVB guarantees  a high resistance and a better post-brake behavioural.

These are exactly the needs structural building safety facades and coverings glass must satisfy.

Post-breaking behavior

  • In applications of structural glass with PVB in coverage stratification provides greater safety in case of breakage of the slabs.
  • The type of back glass processing is also essential for safety.

In the images is it possible to notice the comparison between the post-breakage behavior of both plates in case of glasses tempered/tempered and front glass tempered and rear hardened.

Tempered/tempered glass can come out from the frames and fall, while Tempered/Hardened glass remains in place.

For this reason EnergyGlass photovoltaic glasses are made by tempered/hardened glasses.

Tests carried out at the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro di Mestre

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