Photovoltaic and Design

The glass serigraphy are made on the back glass and are of the same colour of the Sunpower solar cells  so when the cells are positioned  between the two glasses you can see only a blue line. The serigraphy on the front glass are made only on the border in order to hide the cell’s string connections.
The back glass can be further customised in colour and serigraphy  depending on the design requirements 

The rear glass can be:

  • Color: using coloured glass:  light blue, bronze, green, grey; or using PVB Color.
  • Glass-lined opaque/coating of various colour,  applicable uniformly  both throughout the glass and in correspondence of the cells or strips.
  • Glass-lined semi-transparent applicable applicable throughout the glass in order to obtain the passage of light but without the projection of cells or strips inside the building.
  • Silk-screened according to the possible design specifications.

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