The evaluation of a project is not a trivial matter and requires the involvement of several dutis and actors.
On the basis of design specifications submitted by the developer, EnergyGlass as first thing proceed with the sizing of the glass from a structural point of view.
After determining sizes and thicknesses we proceed with the design of the photovoltaic configuration that involves setting as:

  • Type and sizes of solar cells: mono or poly crystalline cells from 125 mm or 156 mm square, or thin film opaque or transparent
  • density of cells per square meter: the average number of cells per square meter. This factor determines the transparency of glass that can go from 0% to 50% and the power in Wp per sqm.

The PV glasses are therefore customized in relation of project needs.

In the planning stage section it is possible to see in detail in what consist on our design and configuration.


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