Thermal Insulation and Acoustic Insulation

Thermal Insulation (insulating glass) and Acoustic Insulation

  • Photovoltaic glass into an insulating glass unit allow to obtain a multifunction element for the building envelope, active in renewable energy’s production and able to generate a batch of advantages that contribute to improve building’s energy efficiency and comfort.
  • EnergyGlass did some studies to determinate new behaviour of an insulating glass unit and in particular to define how the typical parameters changes. For an example the temperature coefficient U and G value, Acoustic insulation, etc.
  • EnergyGlass collaborate with Politecnico di Milano and with the principal Italian labs PV Insulating Glass Performance bound to study and test laminated glasses for architectural applications. These partnership allow EnergyGlass to perform studies and tests necessary to determinate behaviour and indirect benefits obtainable introducing FV glasses an insulating glass units.
  • The experience gained in implementing over 50 projects for BIPV together with competence in the field of PV flow together into the service of co-design that the offices of EnergyGlass offers to Study of Architecture and Engineering to support them in the design and configuration of systems PV integrated into architecture.

Benefits of photovoltaic glazing insulation

Photovoltaic glass constitute the exterior glass of the insulating glass and it forms the outer wall or better the building envelope.
The photovoltaic cells laminated within the structural glass for buildings have a series of advantages:

  • Multi Function: The PV glass produces clean energy and it is also an element of construction according to industry standards.
  • The cells absorb the sun's rays reducing radiation and therefore the heat entering the building.
  • Placed in double glazing will improve the energy efficiency of the building by reducing the transmission or rather the loss of heat.
  • During their operation causing an increase in temperature of the PVB leading to an improvement of sound insulation of the window. The sound insulation can be further improved by adding sheets of PVB Sound.

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