“The real integration is realized when building and photovoltaic’s element can not be dissociate."

“BIPV market is potentially the biggest opportunity in Europe for the photovoltaic”
Evelyne Schellekens, AIE – European Association of Electrical Contactors
“I would like to see less talk about PV in buildings, but more of solar electric glass”
Wonfried Hoffman, EPIA – European Photovoltaic Industry Association

The concept of BiPV demand the co-existence of the production of renewable energy and architectural functions of the elements, connecting the requirements of people and his living environment.

Energy and Design

Customisation  in the way of measures, power, transparency, and colours, allows an element harmonious continuity in the awareness of preserving safety.
The PV modules in safety and security glass, designed and produced by EnergyGlass™ are the ideal solution for architectonical  integration needs when glass becomes a building element, hardly reducing the aesthetical and functional compromises needs.


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