Photovoltaic Ceramic




The photovoltaic ceramicis innovative product that allows you to create architecturally inte-grated PV roofing and cladding of buildings with a unique aesthetic value.


The product replaces the traditional and standardized solar modules with a real coating energetically active.



Possible applications:

  • Facade
  • Residential roofing
  • Industrial roofing
  • Floors

Technical Documentation

It is possible to download the technical sheet of the Photovoltaic Tile the following link:

Functional Profile

Photovoltaic element constructed on building materials

  • Dimensions optimized with re-spect on the needs of construction
  • Available in various colors
  • Integrated mounting system for ceramic with function of tile
  • Possibility of passive elements to complete the building envelo-pe evenly
  • Its application in coverage gua-rantees the same level of water resistance of a classical discon-tinuous coverage.

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