PVB Solar (PolyVinil Butiral)

PVB Solar

  • The PVB (PolyVinil Butiral) is the material typically used for layering the safety glass usually used in building
  • PVB is the material that gives glass the  characteristics of durability and lightness.
  • EnergyGlass™ is the first Italian company with production facilities in Italy, which through a specified research and experimentation process supported by the University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano) and supported by the producer of PVB Solar, has refined the glazing lamination process to make it perfectly compatible with the presence of photovoltaic cells.


Benefits of PVB

  • Satisfies all safety and security and quality standards for laminated safety glass
  • Greater adherence and resistance to imperfections in the glass in the lamination process.
  • Greater compactness of the laminate (glass, cells, joining materials)
  • Long term light and temperature stability of the module systems based on experience with laminated safety glass.
  • Combination with other functions in PV module glazing, e.g. sound insulating PVB, coloured PVB for design features.
  • Less thickness of the glass and therefore less weight of the units and structural support advantages compared to using other encapsulated materials.
  • Conformity to the standard codes defined for Structural and Safety Glass.  

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